Know The Signs Of Heat Stroke

Hot Springs, VA – Summertime is here and the living may not be so easy in hot and humid weather. When the mercury rises, Heat Stroke can become a serious possibility, especially for the elderly. Here are the signs to look for if you suspect someone may be experiencing heat stroke.

An extremely high body temperature above 103 degrees
Red, hot and dry skin, but no sweating
Rapid strong pulse
Throbbing headache
Dizziness and nausea

Heat stroke can cause death or permanent disability if left untreated. The elderly are particularly susceptible to heat stress. If you see someone who may be suffering heat stress symptoms, get them to a shady area and cool them down using whatever methods may be available. Give them cool, not cold liquids, immerse them in a tub of cool water, spray them with cool water from a garden hose, or even sponge them down with cool water. Monitor their body temperature and continue cooling efforts until the body temperature drops to between 101-102 degrees. Get medical assistance as soon as possible.

If you must be outside in the summer sun, be sure to drink plenty of fluids, as much as 16-32 ounces per hour if you are doing heavy work or exercise. Sports drinks can replace the salt and minerals lost when you sweat, but if you’re on a low salt diet, consult your doctor before drinking a sports beverage or taking salt tablets. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing, and plenty of sunscreen. Sunburn also affects your bodies’ ability to cool itself.

And don’t forget your pets – make sure they have shade and plenty of fresh water to drink.

Thanks to the Bath Community Hospital and the Centers For Disease Control for this information.

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