Leave Fido At Home On The Fourth

Washington, DC – On July the Fourth, most people across the country will revel in pyrotechnic displays of fireworks and the accompanying loud booms and cheers. But for your pets, it can be a very distressing holiday. In fact, according to the US Humane Society, animal shelters across the country are accustomed to receiving “July 4th” dogs – animals who run off during fireworks celebrations only to rescued by animal control officers or good Samaritans who take them to a local shelter.

The HSUS says with a few precautions and a little planning, you can prevent pet problems on Independence Day. Consider leaving your pet at home, rather than taking it to a fireworks celebration. The loud noises can be disorienting and frightening, even to animals accustomed to traveling with their owners.

If you do take your pet, don’t leave them in the car. On hot summer days, partially open windows don’t provide enough air for your pet. They can suffer serious health effects in only a few minutes.

If you leave your pets at home, make sure they have a quiet sheltered area. Remove any items that your pet could destroy if they become distressed. And always make sure your pet has identification tags. That way, if they get spooked and escape, it’ll be easier to get them back home.

Summer Wyatt, West Virginia state director of the HSUS understands that people may want to take their pets with them to July 4th celebrations. However, he says most pets will be more comfortable at home.

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