Many Programs are Available to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


With winter on the way, now is the time to prepare.  That preparation should also include your home.  There are programs available to help make your home more energy efficient, which will make you more comfortable.

Everett Brubaker is with CHP Energy Solutions, where he helps lead Outreach and Community Partnerships.

“CHP or Community Housing Partners is a 501c3 non-profit based in Christiansburg, Virginia and we have been doing work across this area, and beyond, since the late 70’s,” says Brubaker.  “And on the energy solutions side, we implement and serve families with a variety of energy efficiency and weatherization programs.”

CHP uses funding from various programs.  The weatherization program is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and there is also funding available from the state and from utility companies.  CHP reviews all available programs to see what families qualify for.

“There’s a lot of funding right now to help make homes more energy efficient, help improve savings for households, so CHP Energy Solutions operates over twenty-five programs and we will check a household’s eligibility across those programs,” says Brubaker.   “So, this is funding to do things like put in insulation in the attic and underneath the home to help reduce heat loss in the winter, help lower energy bills.  We look at sealing up doors and windows.  We look at heating and cooling systems, putting in LED lightbulbs and faucet aerators and other improvements to help lower the utility bill for that family.”

Qualification for CHP programs is based on a percentage of the state median income.

“We look at 60% of state median income,” says Brubaker.  “So, a one person household is going to qualify at around $37,000 a year or less and a two person around $49,000 a year or less.  But, we’ve got some exceptions there, some automatic qualifiers.  So, I’d say for folks listening, you know, if they are just above those numbers or they are not quite there, I would give us a call anyway.  We’ll again check you to see what other programs we might be able to qualify you for.”

Brubaker says that even though the work they do is hard to see, such as insulation in an attic, sealing up a home can bring incredible results.  CHP has a team that does the testing, and the work, to make homes more comfortable and affordable.

“Most homes, you know, particularly older homes and for those living in mobile homes, there just isn’t enough insulation and the home is just not operating as efficiently as it could and what that means for families is cost,” says Brubaker.  “It’s not only cost on the utility bills, but it’s also discomfort and, in some cases, issues of health and safety.  So, these programs were established to really address that, to make homes more comfortable, to make them more efficient, to lower the utility bill for that household and make sure that home is running efficiently, as it should.”

For more information, call 888-229-3714 or visit the website

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