Marlinton Diner to Provide Free Thanksgiving Dinners to the Community

During a time when local politicians are prioritizing large legacy-building projects as their preferred way to help the community, it is good to know that one business in Marlinton, the S&D Diner, is directly helping the community by offering free Thanksgiving dinners.

Intrigued by this generous act, we talked to Shelly Wilfong, the owner of the S&D Diner, to learn both the details and why they are doing this.

Shelly, can you tell our listeners about your offer of free Thanksgiving dinners?

“We’re having a free community Thanksgiving dinner,” said Wilfong, “turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni salad, roll, and pumpkin pie. We do take donations for the FRN for Project Christmas, and It will all go to them.”

How come you decided to do this for the community?

“We did it last year, and we wanted to do it because we’ve been blessed so, we just wanted to give something back to the community.”

Did a lot of people take advantage of this last year?

“Yes, we served over 250 people, and we raised about $2,500.00.”

So, there’s no charge at all?


What time on Thanksgiving Day will the meals be served?

“It will be between 12 and 4 and they can eat-in or take it out.”

I guess you don’t have any idea how many people will take advantage of it this year?

“No, we’ve had a few people who’s called in, I think, already probably 25 dinners.”

Do people need to call in?

“They don’t need to. They can just come in, or they can call. When they call, they need to tell us a time so that we will have it ready for them so they don’t have to wait. That will give us a better idea of how many we will have, plus we won’t do it too early so it won’t be cold.”

How can people get in touch with you?

“They can reach us here, our number is 799-4390, you can reach us at the diner or on our Facebook page.”

How do you need to know how much food to buy to be prepared?

“We just guess. Last year we had 12 turkeys, and we had probably two or three left over after serving all those people. I forget how many hams we bought, we had a little bit left, but of course we used that in the diner for that next week. So, this year we go 12 again, but they are not so big.”

Is this limited to people who live in Marlinton or this area?

“No, just anybody.”

Is there anything else you’d like to say about it?

No, but after we’ve served everybody and nobody’s come it, we are going to sit down to dinner together – the volunteers, some of my family, my employees and anybody else is welcome to join us.”

So, whether you find yourself alone on Thanksgiving, or maybe just don’t feel up for all the fuss and mess of fixing a family holiday dinner at home, or perhaps you’re just traveling through the area on vacation; thanks to the caring generosity of the Wilfong Family, you can come to the S&D Diner located at 828 2nd Avenue in Marlinton between the hours of 12 and 4 pm on Thanksgiving Day and receive a free traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. The menu includes turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni salad, roll and pie. You can enjoy this either in the restaurant or take it home and enjoy it in your own dining room. You will also have the option of making a voluntary donation at the diner to help out the Family Resource Network’s Project Christmas. If you wish, you can call the diner at 304-799-4390 and they will have your meal hot and ready for you, or just stop in.

So, whether you come to the diner or enjoy your traditional family dinner at home, on behalf of all of us at Allegheny Mountain Radio, enjoy a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.


Story By

Tim Walker

Tim is the WVMR News Reporter. Tim is a native of Maryland who started coming to Pocahontas County in the 1970’s as a caver. He bought land on Droop Mountain off Jacox Road in 1976 and built a small house there in the early 80’s. While still working in Maryland, Tim spent much time at his place which is located on the Friars Hole Cave Preserve. Retiring in 2011 as a Lieutenant with the Anne Arundel County Police Department in Maryland, Tim finally took the plunge and moved from Maryland to his real home on Droop Mountain. He began working as the Pocahontas County Reporter for Allegheny Mountain Radio in January of 2015.

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