Martha Spencer Performs Mountain Music & More in Monterey November 11


Martha Spencer will perform at the Highland County Arts Council’s Second Saturday @ 7 concert this month.  She is a singer, songwriter and dancer from Southwest Virginia.  She grew up performing with her family in the Whitetop Mountain Band.  At a young age she started with flatfoot and clogging and then picked up the guitar.

“Well, I guess I grew up in a mountain music family, a lot of old time and bluegrass music,” says Spencer.   “Also, there have been several songs I write, some originals.  I guess you’d say traditional country flavor, you know, probably be some of the big influences.  You know, I guess probably have some different styles of americana or blues and different things in there.”

Music cut – Wonderland

“I love to play music,” says Spencer.  “It’s always been a big part of my life, with my family, but, also, I like to entertain and I like to see new places.   I think it’s a great way to connect with people and share a little bit about your home or yourself or whatever and I just think I can hopefully bring some joy to some folks with the music and dancing.”

Music cut — Enchantress

“I hope they’ll have an enjoyable evening,” says Spencer.  “If they feel like dancing, they sure can. Hopefully, they’ll connect with some of the songs.  Hopefully, it will be a fun evening.  People can really, maybe, get a little sense of the mountains where I’m from and hopefully it will be good for the ears.”

Martha Spencer performs Saturday, November 11, at 7pm at The Highland Center in Monterey.  Admission is $10.  Proceeds benefit the Highland County Arts Council.

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The Highland County Arts Council is a supporter of Allegheny Mountain Radio.

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