McWilliams Elected Vice Chairman Of Bath Board Of Supervisors

Warm Springs, VA – Bath Board of Supervisors held a work session on Friday that ran about five hours. It was a continuation of their first monthly meeting on Tuesday night.

The board started out by electing a vice chairman for 2012, which was something they could not agree on Tuesday night. The first nomination on Friday was Bruce McWilliams, who was nominated by Kevin Fry. Claire Collins then made a substitute motion and nominated Bart Perdue.

During discussion Claire Collins said she nominated Kevin Fry at Tuesday night’s meeting and then Bart Perdue because she was looking at the geographical perspective of the county. She said since Board chairman Cliff Gilchrest is from Millboro, the eastern part of county, she wanted to look at balancing that out, choosing someone from a geographical standpoint. Bruce McWilliams, of the Williamsville District, responded by saying that representation is representation and that he didn’t have concerns about geography. The motion to appoint Bart Perdue as vice chair failed on a vote of 2 to 3. Bruce McWilliams was elected vice chair on a vote of three to two.

Claire Collins was elected to be the Legislative Liaison for the Bath Board of Supervisors, where she will work with the Virginia Association of Counties and the National Association of Counties. Supervisor Collins said she felt the appointment would require four to five days a year in Richmond with the rest of the work being done locally through email and phone calls. She said any more travel than that number of days would take her away from the county more than she would like to be. The board unanimously appointed her with the agreement that a working job description and budget would be developed setting limits on travel and time.

Also on Friday, the board made appointments from Tuesday night official, with two additions. Karen Williams was appointed to the Industrial Development Authority; and as a part of his appointment to the Department of Social Services Board, Supervisor Cliff Gilchrest was appointed to the Community Policy and Management Team.

For more from Friday’s Bath Board of Supervisors work session, tune in to Noon Hour on Tuesday.

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