Meck begins term as Homebuilders Association president

Green Bank, W.Va. –

The West Virginia Homebuilders Association elected a Pocahontas County businessman as their president last month. Jacob Meck, owner of Meck Construction in Green Bank, begins a two-year term tonight.

Meck describes the purpose of the Homebuilders Association.
“We’re an approximately 700-member association, at this point,” he said. “The Homebuilders Association is an association to help the homebuilding industry. Primarily, builders would be a member of that, and also we have a number of associates – typically, anyone who is connected to the building trade. Maybe they might be a supplier; maybe they might be a loan officer; maybe they’re an insurance salesman. There’s a lot of people that benefit from the homebuilders in the state, and also, in turn, hopefully, we benefit them. So, primarily, it’s an association in the state to promote the homebuilding business and industry.”

The Green Bank businessman will not be paid for serving as the group’s president, but he considers the work part of his community commitment.

“Well, we always want to put all the energy we can into any of the activities that we’re involved in, but certainly I want to continue taking care of our customers,” he said. “But also, I firmly believe that any types of activities that we can be involved in, you know, both to promote business throughout the state, civic activities, church activities – these are also worthwhile projects and it’s also a way for us to give back. So, in this particular instance, you know, giving back to our industry. So, I’m very pleased to be able to help and serve in that manner.”
Meck discusses recent developments with his Green Bank businesses.

“Our original company was Jacob S. Meck Construction and we will continue to do home construction type projects,” he said. “I have always liked to build things and so, I like to have a project going on, whether it’s for me or somebody else. So, this community’s been kind to us and we’ve been able to do residential construction here in the community for a number of years now.

“We also do liquid and solid waste. One of the exciting projects that we’re doing, currently, is developing our bear-proof dumpsters. So, that’s a project we’re working on hard this winter and that is a big problem in this area and other areas as well. So, here again, we want to make it easier for our customers to use the dumpsters and also to keep their sites cleaner from the animals that seem to be attracted to these dumpsters.

“We also do have two expansion projects. We’re currently expanding our business into Virginia and also into Dailey. So, we’re working in moving both toward Highland County and also into Randolph County. So, those are two expansions we are doing.”

Meck begins his term as the Homebuilders Association president at a board meeting in Charleston Friday evening.

“I appreciate the opportunity to serve in this way and we’re excited for the homebuilding industry in West Virginia and certainly want to promote it,” said Meck. “So, if there is anyone out there who has any questions, whether they are a builder or associate, about the building industry, please contact me.”

For more information on the West Virginia Homebuilders Association, see the group’s website at

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