Mediation agreed to for Bath Community Hospital lawsuit

Dr. James Redington and Bath Community Hospital agree to mediation.  According to a letter to the community released by the Bath Community Hospital Board of Directors on Monday, an independent third party will conduct a mediation process in early December.  Dr. Redington is not named in the letter, but the letter says mediation is an effort to resolve the many issues in a lawsuit filed against the hospital and some board members by a doctor whose contract was not renewed.  The letter says the hospital’s attempt at negotiation and resolution in the lawsuit has been agreed to by the doctor.  It says the hospital pushed for the mediation to occur as quickly as possible.

Dr. Redington worked with Bath Community Hospital for twenty six years.  He left the hospital in late August when he learned his contract was not going to be renewed   Following his departure, four other doctors submitted their resignations in support of Dr. Redington.  Those doctors gave ninety days notice.  Dr. Redington recently filed a defamation lawsuit against the hospital, it’s CEO Jason Paret and board members David Troast and Sarah McWilliams.

The letter from the hospital’s board reads in part:

“The members of the board of directors realize there are many questions about recent events concerning a personnel matter with one of our doctors.  Out of respect to all involved in this sensitive matter, the board has made every effort to maintain confidentiality and not publicly discuss the issue.  We realize, however, that until now we have not done a good job of communicating this to you and for that we sincerely apologize.”

The letter goes on to say:

“We base our decisions on what is best for the hospital, recognizing the role that the hospital plays in the community.  Your doctors are our doctors.  No one wants to lose them.  We hope the doctors who have offered resignations related to this situation will elect to delay those efforts until after the mediation process is completed.  We hope they, and the community, will view our willingness to mediate as a movement in the right direction to find compromise.”

letter from Bath Community Hospital Board of Directors

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