Megan Moriarty Says Goodbye to Allegheny Mountain Radio


When I think about Allegheny Mountain Radio, I think about the times I’ve driven into the listening area and the station went from static to music and familiar voices.

After working as a DJ and reporter at Allegheny Mountain Radio for over a year, I’m moving to Vermont to work at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. While I’m excited about this opportunity, I’ll never forget the love and support I’ve felt working at AMR and living in this area.

Like most people who work in community radio, I didn’t sign up for this job because I wanted to be rich or famous. I did it because I love community radio, the way it captures the stories, music, and voices of everyday people, reminding those people and the world at large how important they are.

I consider myself very lucky to have lived in Pocahontas County, and I’ll never forget that feeling I had every time I drove into the listening area, because it always meant that I was almost home.

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Megan Moriarty

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