Mill Gap Ruritans to Host 2nd Annual Community Garage Sale

When I was younger, going garage sale-ing was a proper Saturday activity with my Memaw. We were given a set budget of cash and encouraged to wheel and deal as early as age 6. And since I was Erma Brazell’s granddaughter, they knew that my age did nothing to affect my bargaining nature. 


The Mill Gap Ruritans plan to bring this feeling back on Saturday, June 15 with a miles-long garage sale that will wind throughout the Mill Gap area. Here’s Ruritan member Bucky Reynolds to tell us more:


“It’s a little bit of a different sale in that the Mill Gap Ruritans will do the advertising, but the people that are participating will participate in their own home. It will start at 8 o’clock and go until everybody sells what they have. Those who participate will live at the intersection of Route 84 and 220 and go down 84 (Mill Gap Road) to Meadowdale Road, Upper and Lower Back Creek Road and into Valley Center. It will be the second year we try this. Last year we had about 25 participants. This gives people the opportunity to go to many yard sales in one day.”


Let me let you in on a little Memaw secret, you’ll want to get there early.


Proceeds from the sales go to each individual family, this is just a community event that the Mill Gap Ruritans are setting up to get everyone in the area involved… and help everyone finish out their spring cleaning. 


I’ve always wanted to go to the World’s Longest Yard Sale which is 690 miles long and travels through 6 states: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Since I don’t have the time off this summer, I think the Mill Gap Ruritan garage sale route will more than make up for it. There’s no telling what treasures will be up for grabs!


So, I’ll see you out there on June 15 at 8 a.m. My plan is to start at one end and make my way through – which is another Memaw tactic. Oh, and if you see something you like, go ahead and buy it. It’s not likely to be there when you get back!


Now, I’ve told you all my secrets….

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Brit Chambers

Brit Chambers is a resident of Highland County, Virginia and a news reporter for Allegheny Mountain Radio. She loves living in a small town and relishes the outdoor adventures and community feeling that Highland has to offer. Brit has a background in journalism, marketing, and public relations and spends her free time reading good books, baking sourdough bread, and hiking with her family.

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