Monterey Mayor Asks Utility To Stop Helping Themselves To Town Water

Monterey, VA – Mayor Janice Warner and the Monterey Town Council have asked Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative employees to stop helping themselves to town water without permission. Recently the Mayor noticed electric cooperative employees filling a truck from a town water hydrant. She informed them that they could not use town water without permission and that they would be billed at current rates for the water they use.

Recent herbicide spraying by the electric cooperative used 48,000 gallons of water. The town clerk is currently setting up an account to charge them for the water. The Council approved a motion to send a letter to Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative asking them to inform the town office when they plan to use town water in the future.

Town Council members still have concerns about the waste water treatment plant. During periods of high water flow such as after heavy rain, it is not able to process the amount of water specified by the manufacturer. Engineers and Mack Industries employees are still working to determine the cause of this problem so it can be corrected.

Mayor Warner reported that Councilman Francis Fenn has taken issue with the fact that he was not paid for a council meeting he missed. According to the mayor, the current town policy is that council members do not receive the $50 payment if they miss a meeting. Mr. Fenn’s argument is that while he did miss a council meeting, he attended many extra meetings while the waste water treatment plant was under construction and those meetings should count for something. The mayor was not able to locate the written copy of the policy regarding payment of council members, so the matter was tabled until next month’s meeting.

Mayor Warner noted that town residents are still not abiding by the town’s ordinance regarding cleaning up pet waste. She would like to see some signs installed around the town as reminders of the ordinance. Further information on available signs will be needed before a decision can be made.

Monterey resident Jay Garber asked the council if there is a town ordinance requiring residents to keep lawns mowed and yards kept to certain standards. He noted that there are some properties in town where yards are not being kept up. Mayor Warner responded that there is such an ordinance but she could not remember the details. Town Attorney Melissa Dowd said that she would track down that ordinance and have copies at the next Town Council meeting.

Since the next regular meeting of the Monterey Town Council falls during Highland County Fair Week, the day or time of that meeting is likely to be changed and was not available at the time this story was prepared. It will be announced at a later date.

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Heather Niday

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