Monterey Town Council’s June Meeting

The Monterey Town Council held it’s monthly meeting on June 2.

The public hearing was held on the proposed town budget.  Mayor Ronald Wimer explained two mistakes had been found in the budget.  One was an incorrect amount on state revenue for fire programs and the other was an incorrect amount of a state grant pass through for fire and rescue.   With the corrections, the town’s general fund budget is $175,661.00.   The town’s water and sewer budget expense total is $425,253.00.  Copies of the budget are available at the town office.

The proposed tax levies, per $100 of assessed value, on both real estate and personal property will stay the same.  Real estate is .18, mobile homes .48, personal property $1.40, machinery and tools $1.40 and merchant capital $1.40.

There were no comments on the proposed budget during the public hearing.  The Town Council set a meeting to adopt the budget for Tuesday, June 28th at 6:30.    That meeting will take the place of the Town Council’s regular meeting in July.

A report was presented on the recent Planning Commission meeting.  The draft of the County Comprehensive Plan update was reviewed at that meeting and a public hearing on it was set for the Planning Commission’s next regular meeting on June 23.    There was also information presented on a new campground for motorcyclists, located on Route 220 at Vanderpool.  At the Town Council meeting, County Attorney Melissa Dowd explained that a conditional use permit was not needed for that campground, because it fell under the old ordinance where it was a permitted use in an agricultural district.  She explained that now a campground in any district requires a conditional use permit, but the process for that one was started before the change.

And Mayor Ronald Wimer reported that the application has been submitted for a grant that can be used to replace the water meters in town.

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Bonnie Ralston

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