New Warrior football coach describes new offense

Dunmore, W.Va. –

The Pocahontas County High School football team plays its first game of the season on Friday night at Tucker County. PCHS math teacher Chris Sutton, the Warriors new head coach, says the team looked good in last week’s scrimmage.

“The scrimmage last week, during our three possessions, we scored three times and we kept James Monroe out of the end zone and I don’t believe they had many offensive yards,” he said. “So, we felt really good about that. Definitely, we were happy. We were happy to do that and we think that that will translate to a lot of success whenever we’re going against a team we’ve been able to prepare for.”

Along with a new coach, the Warriors sport a new offensive scheme – the single wing – a left or right heavy formation with a long snap to a back. Sutton hopes the new offense will confuse defenses.

“The misdirection is definitely one of the keys,” he said. “I told our guys, on our fakes, I want to see the camera following the wrong guy. I’m hoping to see some of that. Whenever we can do that, then you’re putting linebackers in a tough position, where they really have to play gap assignment, and – if it starts to get a little bit confusing – they start to sit back on their heels, instead of flowing to the ball and flowing to their assignment. And once we get them kind of back on their heels, we can start running some power stuff at them, where we’re double-teaming a lot of guys at the point of attack. So, that’s kind of what you can expect.”

The coach says the team’s talent fits the new offense.

“I think it’s going to be successful because the type of linemen that we have, the type of running back we have,” he said “Everything fits the system. We have faster, stronger linemen. We have very quick running backs – very agile running backs and they can throw pretty well. They can get the ball into anybody’s hands that can make plays. I also think it will be successful because, out of all the teams we play, the only team that they will see running this offense will be us.”

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