Parade Kicks off Highland Wintertide Activities

For many years, the Blue Grass Fourth of July parade has billed itself as the “Smallest Parade in Virginia”, but it might be facing some stiff competition in that category. Highland County’s Wintertide Festivities will take place December 4th through 6th. Kicking off the festivities is a parade in Monterey, featuring a very special guest. Highland Chamber of Commerce Board member Tim Duff explained more.

“This coming Friday, December 4th, at 4:30, we’ll be having our Wintertide parade. We’ll be starting at the old pool site, at the base of the mountain  – we’ll proceed down to the old Ernie’s Market, where we’ll turn around, and come back again for a second viewing, and we’re going to stop in front of the courthouse.

“This year, we’ve grown considerably, since our first year of three years ago – we’re up to a total of eight entrants. We’re going to start off with Deputy Botkin – he’ll hold traffic down at the traffic light – we then have Deputy Lightner, in his white sedan, playing music- we’ve got a squad unit coming in, a fire unit coming in. We’ve got the Maple Queen Princesses coming in with their float –we’ve got the cloggers coming in, followed by myself and Mr. Claus, and then Deputy John Wright will bring up the rear.’

That’s right kids – you heard correctly-Santa Claus himself will be traveling down from the North Pole to ride in the parade, and listen to gift requests afterwards.

“At the courthouse, when I let Santa Claus out of my pick-up truck, folks can have their photographs taken with Santa Claus. I spoke at length with Mr. Claus – we start the parade at 4:30 – we should have him back in the courthouse by about 5:00 – 5:05, and Mr. Claus and his elves are willing to stay here pretty much until the last child is satisfied.

‘If you were here last year, and you met Mr. Claus, he is the real Claus.  There’s no make believe beard, there’s no make believe belly – this is the real deal.

“And we are providing free  cookies, free hot chocolate, and free candy canes for everybody.”

For more information on all the Wintertide activities, visit the Chamber’s website at

Story By

Scott Smith

Scott Smith is the General Manager for Allegheny Mountain Radio and Station Coordinator and News Reporter for WVLS. Scott’s family has deep roots in Highland County. While he did not grow up here, he spent as much time as possible on the family farm, and eventually moved to Highland to continue the tradition, which he still pursues with his cousin. Unfortunately, farming doesn’t pay all the bills, so he has previously taken other jobs to support his farming hobby, including pressman/writer for The Recorder, and Ag Projects Coordinator for The Highland Center. He lives in Hightown with wife Michelle and son Ethan. In his spare time, he wishes he had more spare time, especially to ride his prized Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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