Part 2 Of My Interview with The Duke of Jazz

In part one of this story, the Duke of Jazz, Pete Pitard talked about his journey through music and radio and how he landed at Allegheny Mountain radio. In this part he talked about his other musical interests and a message for anyone interested in maybe volunteering at Allegheny Mountain Radio. 

Q: Are there any other genres of music besides the smooth jazz that you enjoy or yeah? 

A: I still enjoy rock and roll and some country; I listen to classic vinyl stations. I’m not into heavy metal. I’m more into 60s and 70s type rock and roll.

Q: Did you ever anticipate getting to 20 years? 

A: No, In fact the comment was made that I probably wouldn’t last more than a year. Then I became the principal and Wednesday night was my break night. It was my service to the community.  AMR gave me  a chance to unwind and from this craziness of the week and so it became the thing every Wednesday and before I knew it was five years. I mean it doesn’t even seem like 20 years.I still come in on Wednesdays and line up the top 100 and play that and some of my old goodies that are that are some of my favorites. 

Q: Let me ask you this and I’ll let you out of the hot chair with this. What would you say to a listener of Allegheny Mountain radio one of the fence about maybe volunteering? 

A: Oh, you gotta do it. This is one of the greatest experiences. It’s a chance to make a difference in the community. When we had the derecho I was able to come in for three four hours every day and play music and keep us up to date. AMR stations provide such a resource for our area of the Allegheny Highlands and yeah you gotta do it. In any capacity it’s like the spot that we play, you know, you come in and help pick up stuff and bring food in when we’re doing the fundraiser week, but yeah it’s just a great experience and you gotta get involved it sure helps the community out.

Danny: I want to salute you for 20 years of high quality service to your community. Lights Out Jazz is one of my favorite shows to substitute for; maybe my second behind soul survivor because of the R&B and soul connection to my childhood, but I enjoy the four hours the one or two times a year I get to fill in for you. I want to thank you on behalf of Allegheny Mountain Radio. 

Pete: Yeah. What can I say? Thank you to the community for supporting me and giving me this opportunity to do this. It’s a great experience. Pet’s 20 years of service to Allegheny Mountain radio are impressive, but did you know that’s not the record? Norris Long has been a volunteer for 40 years. 


For Allegheny Mountain radio this has been Danny Cardwell.

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Danny Cardwell

Danny is the Station Coordinator for WCHG, and the host of our gospel and country hours on Wednesdays 10:00 am to noon. He and his wife Renee Cardwell live with a spoiled dog (Toddie) in Hot Springs. Danny is a Deacon at Piney Grove Baptist Church in Hot Springs. He operates and is a site administrator and featured writer for the website He has been a frequent contributor to The Hal Ginsberg Morning Show, All Politics Are Local, and Politics Done Right. Danny has tutored, lectured, and mentored at risk youth in churches, group homes, and inside the Virginia Department Corrections. He serves on the board of directors for Preservation Bath and chairs the Bath Community Hospital Patient Advisory board.

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