PCHS Grad Terry Barb Remembers Riding The Bus To Her New High School

Marlinton, WV – Terry Barb of Marlinton was a member of the first graduating class from Pocahontas County High School. She took time with Allegheny Mountain Radio to reflect on what it was like that first year, a year in which she described as an overwhelming experience leaving the comfortable confines of Marlinton High School to join students from Green Bank and Hillsboro.

“It was very overwhelming,” says Barb. “You had people form Hillsboro, Green Bank, and Marlinton in your classes, and actually if you didn’t have classes with those students, when you graduated you didn’t know them.”

When asked what it was like going to school with teenagers who were always viewed as rivals and competition, for Barb it was easy for students like her to adjust.

“There was rivalry among the three high schools,” says Barb. “That year we had to blend our sports and activities together, however, it was easier for us then our parents who still viewed the rivalry pretty strongly.”

And she says that overall that inaugural year was problem free.

“There were no more problems then you would normally have in a school setting,” says Barb. “I can remember though that I had a class in the library and was sitting in there marking the Green Bank High School, Hillsboro High School and Marlinton High School stamps out and putting Pocahontas High Schools in all the books.”

For Barb, one of the biggest adjustments was not being able to walk to and from school, but rather having to get on a bus and traveling halfway across the county for her education.

“It was an experience,” says Barb. “I remember the day we had group pictures and we stood, where the public library is now, waiting for the bus and it poured snow so we were soaked when we got to school. It was different because I was accustomed to just walking to school.”

On Friday October 1st, following the Bath County Chargers and Pocahontas County Warriors football game, there will be a 70s themes Homecoming Dance at the Pocahontas Opera House, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the school.

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