Pete Pitard wins!

Pete Pitard Star Award

Allegheny Mountain Radio’s Star Award is given out annually to the individual nominated as the AMR Area Resource. The Star Award is named for Steve Terry who won the award in 2000.

Pete was a volunteer at KWTC radio in Barstow, Ca. whe was 16/17 years old. When he moved to Bath County to teach he was interested in WCHG, He meet Jeannette at the library in 1999 and talked with her of his interest in WCHG, she got him in touch with Gibbs where Pete explained his love and interest in Smooth Jazz, Gibbs trained him and Pete said he almost failed the written test. He said of course at that time there was no smooth jazz music except for what he had. Pete stated they scrambled for awhile, and that Jeannette became his producer and started getting him music. He came in on Wednesday nights after her Americana show from 8-10pm, He then meet up with Chuck and Heather Niday and they shared stuff, He said Chuck wasn’t into the smooth jazz scene and Pete really didn’t like Pat Metheny, But that they all liked Jazz. So from September 1999 to present; you’ve heard Pete saying to all five of his listeners “And cooler on the other side of the pillow, sit back on your favorite couch with your favorite beverage friend and enjoy”.

You can catch Pete on “Lights Out Jazz” on Wednesdays from 6 -10 pm on the FM network and streaming online.

Make sure to congratulation Pete on winning the Star Award!

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Melodie Wallace

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