“Pink Out” at BCHS Home game this week

Friday Night is home football night for the Bath County Chargers this week, and the Cheerleaders are making sure fans will be thinking beyond the field. The “Pink Out” is part fundraiser part celebration, and we may be seeing more of this type of event- within-an-event, as the younger generation finds practical and fun ways to boost their causes.

“We have several members in the community, and me personally have lost somebody from cancer, and breast cancer is just a huge thing for women, and it’s empowering now that we have lots of support.” Kayala Jordan, a Life Sciences teacher at Bath County High School explained the “pink out” is .

. . . A great way for us to raise some money and awareness for all of those cancer survivors.”

A quick Google search for me revealed the huge range of groups or teams going Pink for breast cancer. And while each of their approaches has special or unique elements, an overall mission is consistent:

“Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honoring the taken, and never giving up hope.”

Ms. Jordan continued,

“I lost both of my grandmothers to breast cancer, and you know I encourage all women to go have their mammagram. I worked in health care for about ten years prior to teaching and becoming the cheerleading coach.

It’s just a wonderful way of raising awareness.”

I asked Kayala what the Pink Out at Bath County High School would be like.

“Well, we’re going to have our normal football game. It’s Friday the 13th at 7pm. We will be having items available to sell, and every cent that we raise from baked goods, all the way through to little trinkets and things are going to be sold, and we’re going to take all that money and donate it. “

Another part of the Pink Out is consistent with similar events in other places,

“We also are encouraging all cancer survivors to come out and support.”   Survivors will no doubt be able to feel the support and energy, this squad of young women generate.

“I know that there is one cheerleader on our team that actually lost her mother to cancer, and we feel like this is a great way to encourage and empower all of the females.”

Kayala Jordan, and the BCHS cheerleaders also acknowledge it takes many of the organizers, and players on Friday Night to make their fundraiser happen.


“We have a strong supportive football team, and Mr. Larry Grubbs agreed to do this for all of these females. I feel very lucky that I have their support, and all of the football players are super excited to support all of this, so we have a great team.”

The combination of the Pinked Out Cheerleading Team, football players, award-winning marching band, and visitors from Craig County are sure to make for a fantastic Friday evening at Charger Field.


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