Pocahontas Author Lori Riggsby Says Her New Book Of Poetry Is Divinely Inspired

Arbovale, WV – Sometimes when faced with trying times, the right words can comfort and inspire. That’s the hope of author Lori Riggsby, a resident of Arbovale in northern Pocahontas County. She recently published a book of inspirational poetry.

“My book is called Savior From The Rain” says Riggsby “and it’s just a collection of poetry. I wrote it over a period of several months through some difficult times I was experiencing. I incorporated scripture from the Bible with each poem and a little follow up short message from me. Basically I just felt that if I had experience those type of feelings, that other people had too.”

Riggsby says she’d never considered herself a poet before writing the book.

“That’s the funniest thing – my love has always been writing” she says. “I’ve wanted to be a writer from the time I was a very young girl. Never in my life, in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would turn out in poetic form.”

“When I sat down one day just to put my feelings down, it started flowing and it flowed out in poetic form faster than my pencil could keep up.”

Riggsby credits divine intervention for her flowing pen. Although her book contains only a little over 100 of her poems, she says she’s written over 500 poems in the last two years. She says it’s been and educational as well as cathartic experience.

“Definitely I feel like it was a spiritual influence” she says. “I gained a lot of healing through writing the book; gained a lot of knowledge, especially when I went looking for scripture, because I wanted this book, the first one, to sort of be like a first fruits to God. You know, when I went through some dark days, my Lord was the only thing I could cling to. That’s why I included scripture with everything.”

With her large collection of unpublished poetry, Riggsby anticipates putting out more books in the future.

“I’d like to do another book of poetry and I would even like to write a novel, maybe some short stories” she says. “I still write almost every single day. So yeah, I definitely want to pursue more books and more avenues as far as that goes.”

Riggsby book “Savior From The Rain: Poetry Praising My Beloved Soul Provider” is published by Tate Publishing. She’ll be signing copies of her book at Judi’s Flower and Gift Boutique on December 11th from 1 to 3pm.

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