Pocahontas BOE Optimistic about SRS Funding

At the Pocahontas County Board of Education meeting December 17 at Hillsboro Elementary School, Superintendent Terrence Beam shared some good news concerning the possibility of Secure Rural Schools [SRS] funding through Congress.

Beam said that it looks very favorable and they expect to find out something by the end of the week but it looks like they are going to be providing some funds for both this year and the next school year with a permanent solution being a definite possibility.

Beam recognized treasurer Sherry Radcliff for her diligence in making sure the SRS funding did not get ignored and said she went above and beyond to ensure Pocahontas County Schools was not overlooked.

Beam added that if the SRS funding is renewed for this year, he plans to create two positions for LPNs to help with school nurse Jenny Friel’s workload and provide better in-school medical services to the students.

Friel addressed the board at the last meeting with her concerns about being the lone school nurse for five schools. She said that it is very difficult for her to serve the students of all the schools when she is only at each school one day a week.

Student representative Emmett Doolittle gave a short report, saying Pocahontas County High School is in mid-term mode – a high stress time for students and teachers alike. The meeting was Doolittle’s last, and he thanked the board for allowing him the opportunity to serve as representative for the school.

Senior Sierra Rodriguez will take Doolittle’s place for the second semester of the school year.

The board and Beam thanked Doolittle for his insight and reports from the first semester and wished him luck in the future.

PCHS principal Joe Riley gave a report on an incident which occurred last week. Riley explained to the board that there was a rumor of a threat against PCHS from a student. Riley and the staff acted accordingly by contacting the police and locking down the school.

Once it was determined that there was no validity to the rumor, the school went back to normal operation.

The board tabled the agenda item to approve the Greenbrier Youth Reporting Center to use PCHS as a facility. Board president Joe Walker said the item was not worded specifically enough and asked that more information to be included.

In personnel management, the board approved the following:

  • Employment of Julie Shifflet as athletic director for Green Bank Elementary-Middle School, at a supplement of $750, effective for the 2019-2020 season. Position pending on sufficient number of players to make a team.
  • Resignation of Stephanie L. Barkley as secretary III/accountant III at the Central Office, retroactive to the end of the day on December 6

Allegheny Mountain Radio thanks Suzanne Stewart and the Pocahontas Times for the content of this story.

Story By

Tim Walker

Tim is the WVMR News Reporter. Tim is a native of Maryland who started coming to Pocahontas County in the 1970’s as a caver. He bought land on Droop Mountain off Jacox Road in 1976 and built a small house there in the early 80’s. While still working in Maryland, Tim spent much time at his place which is located on the Friars Hole Cave Preserve. Retiring in 2011 as a Lieutenant with the Anne Arundel County Police Department in Maryland, Tim finally took the plunge and moved from Maryland to his real home on Droop Mountain. He began working as the Pocahontas County Reporter for Allegheny Mountain Radio in January of 2015.

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