Pocahontas County High School Senior Erica Rebinski Sets Her Sights On A Career In Music

Dunmore, WV – Pocahontas County High School senior Erica Rebinski is beginning to make a name for herself in the local country music scene. However, she says that she’ll sing any kind of music that makes for an enjoyable, well-rounded show.

“Country music something I like to do, but I am trying to throw other songs in there,” she says. “I have been starting to learn Green Day. I’ve been doing some different pop music. There’s no specific reason why country.”

“It started as my main thing first. It’s a lot of good music; it’s country, and I like the whole country pop idea. I think it has good meanings in a lot of the music. But, I am planning on adding more and different genres into my mixture because I’d rather have a good roundabout show rather than just country or just pop or just this. I am trying to even it out some, but there is no specific reason why country.”

Erica’s mom, Christine, has been serving as the singer’s manager, teacher and support system for her whole life.

“She’s just been helping me out any way she can, whether it be support or just different techniques she picked up on in college,” says Rebinski. “She’s just helped me along, but a lot of it is basically just doing what I love, singing how I feel and doing what I can.”

While she just recently started singing on stage and in the spotlight, Erica says that her dreams and aspirations of singing for a living have been with her for most of her life.

“I’ve actually been dreaming this since I’ve been in kindergarten, to be honest,” she says. “I’ve always thought ‘music is what I’m going to be chasing.’ Even if it means having to do waitressing jobs or other jobs on the side. If I can sing, there is nothing else that would be more important in my life.”

Erica has been frequenting some of the local restaurants and taverns around Pocahontas County and surrounding counties to spread her music.

“I’ve been doing shows almost every other week, give or take; sometimes, even two weeks in a row,” she says. “Balancing it out, I almost have no weekends left. But I’ve been singing at Snowshoe, at the Soaring Eagle. I’ve been singing at Hillsboro, at the Pretty Penny. I’ve been singing at some different little restaurants and cafes.”

Also, Erica has been selected to perform at the Loren Buzzard Memorial Scholarship concert on February 26th. She, along with Lynmarie Knight and others, will be performing for 3-9 at the Irish Pub in Lewisburg, WV. They will be taking donations to raise funds for the Loren Buzzard Memorial Scholarship.

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