Pocahontas CVB Welcomes Rose Back As New Executive Director

Marlinton, WV – The ‘Welcome Back Cara’ banner hanging near the front door of the Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau makes it clear that the CVB employees are happy to have Cara Rose back as part of the tourism staff. It’s also clear that she’s happy to be back too.

[Heather] “This is a coming home’ for you!” “It is” says Rose, “I have made a full circle. I began working for the conventions and visitors bureau in 1989, I think, and worked for them for nine years, and have been at the [National Radio Astronomy] Observatory for the last about 13 and a half years.”

Rose says when she saw the ad for this job, it seemed a natural to apply.

“Of course tourism and hospitality has been my career” she says “and the opportunity for this position came available last winter. It sounded like a good opportunity for me to take on a new role, some new tasks in tourism; so I applied.”

She says her new duties will be a lot like her old duties at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

“Well in many respects it will be similar” says Rose, “I certainly a lot of tourism related efforts at the observatory. I also guided tours, and also took care of administrative matters as well for the [NRAO] Science Center. This job will be more tourism related and administrative, so it will be slightly different, but there are some comparisons.”

Rose says she’s working hard to get up to speed on all facets of the current CVB operation. And, of course, with all the events that make Pocahontas County a great vacation destination. One of the more locally focused events is coming up on May 11th.

“We also have the 17th annual Eighth Grade Luncheon” she says. “This is an event that’s been going on for many years; as a matter of fact when I was at the CVB many years ago we implemented this particular program. So it’s been very successful, it’s the opportunity for the Conventions and Visitors bureau to introduce our youth in the county to tourism, number one, and also to Snowshoe; and just to give eighth graders a taste of opportunities in tourism in the county.”

The annual luncheon is hosted by Snowshoe Mountain Resort. Snowshoe is also one of the biggest employers in Pocahontas County. Rose says things at the CVB have changed just a bit in the years she’s been away.

“Oh dramatically!” she says. “The convention and visitors bureau has grown into a very dynamic organization. They have a very effective and professional staff, a very active Board of Directors who are tourism professionals; the budget has grown tremendously as well. I’m excited to be here and working with the board and the staff again, immersing myself in tourism.”

Rose says the CVB will launch a new marketing campaign in July focused primarily on electronic media targeting many of the niche markets already well established in the county.

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Heather Niday

Heather is our Program Director and Traffic Manager. She started with Allegheny Mountain Radio as a volunteer deejay. She then joined the AMR staff in February of 2007. Heather grew up in the Richmond, Virginia, area and now lives in Arbovale, West Virginia with her husband Chuck. Heather is a wonderful flute player, and choir director for Arbovale UMC. You can hear Heather along with Chuck on Tuesday nights from 6 to 8pm as they host two hours of jazz on Something Different.

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