Pocahontas Math Field Day Results

Dunmore, WV – After a few delays, the annual Pocahontas County schools Math Field Day was finally held on January 24th. Students from all five county schools participated in the competition that challenges student math skills. Terrence Beam, Pocahontas County Schools Director of Federal Programs, explains the particulars of the Math Field Day event.

“Each school is allowed to send a certain number of students per grade level” says Beam. “And then it’s up to the schools to determine their best math students to represent their school.”

He says the field day tests are based on the Content Standards and Objectives, or CSO’s for each grade level.

“They give them a variety of different kinds of questions” he says. “The written test is a multiple choice test, but it’s a wide variety of math skills, everything from geometry to a little bit of algebra to just general math.”

Students also have to do some mental math, meaning they’re asked an oral question and must do the computation in their head without pencil and paper. They are given a little leeway if their answer is within an acceptable range for the question. Here is the breakdown of the winners 2011 Math field day:

Fourth Grade:
1st – Colton Massey, Marlinton Elem
2nd – Victoria Rose, Hillsboro Elem
3rd – Brandon Puffenbarger, Marlinton Elem
1st Alternate – Taylor Tegtmeyer, Marlinton Elem
2nd Alternate – Kayla Sharp, Marlinton Elem

Fifth Grade:
1st – Briar Wilfong, Marlinton Middle
2nd – Jacob Wise, Green Bank Middle
3rd – Henry Whitehead, Green Bank Middle
1st Alternate – Dorian Biggs, Marlinton Middle
2nd Alternate – Mark Jordan, Marlinton Middle

Sixth Grade:
1st – Taylor Layne, Marlinton Middle
2nd – Ryan Puffenbarger, Marlinton Middle
3rd – Brandon Halterman, Green Bank Middle
1st Alternate – Caleb Mullenex, Green Bank Middle
2nd Alternate – Drake Warder, Green Bank Middle

Seventh Grade:
1st – Dalton Irvine, Marlinton Middle
2nd – Austin Hubbert, Green Bank Middle
3rd – Chase Erlewine, Marlinton Middle
1st Alternate – Jenna Bryant, Green Bank Middle
2nd Alternate – Lara Baudler, Green Bank Middle

Eighth Grade:
1st – Vincent Harper, Marlinton Middle
2nd – Casey Griffith, Marlinton Middle
3rd – Brice Galloway, Marlinton Middle
1st Alternate – Chad Burns,Marlinton Middle
2nd Alternate – Miles Goodall, Green Bank Middle

Ninth Grade (Pocahontas County HS):
1st – Fredericah Gardner
2nd – Clay Friel
3rd – Wesley Felton
1st Alternate – Alex Kennison
2nd Alternate – Anson Hatfield

First, second, and third winners in each grade level will now go on to the next level of competition, as explained by Mr. Beam.

“They go to the regional [competition]; I think it’s March 13th or 14th” in Summersville” he says. “And then if they’re fortunate enough to place high enough at the regional, then they go on to the state competition.”

Two alternates were also chosen in each grade in case the top three are unable to compete at the regional level. Beam says the students from Pocahontas will compete against other math field day winners from the Resa 4 region that covers Braxton, Fayette, Greenbrier, Nicholas, Pocahontas, and Webster counties. The top three winners at the regional level will go on to state competition.

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