Pocahontas prosecutor talks about gun control

Marlinton, W.Va. – Eugene Simmons on gun control – a summary

Gun control is one of the hottest issues in the country these days. It’s particularly important for law enforcement officials, like Pocahontas County Prosecuting Attorney Eugene Simmons:

” I’m having a little trouble figuring out what he purposes of the assault weapons are, particularly the one that will have a 30 or fifty shot clip on it . Now if they restricted those to 10 round clips, I could live with that a little better.”
When asked about the issue of law enforcement being able to trace guns, Simmons said “I would have no problem with saying that the gun should be registered.” However, he added that keeping the information confidential – limited to the law enforcement community – would be advisable.
The prosecuting attorney also said he feels gun sales at gun shows should be registered. Currently, if an individual who is not a registered gun dealer sells a gun that doesn’t have to be registered . I have an umber of guns, and I would have no problem with having those guns registered.”
Simmons also feels that wider registration would be an advantage for law enforcement: “It’s awful nice when you’re a law enforcement officer, when you have an individual killed, to be able to trace quickly where that gun came from, and it helps a lot in the investigation. For that benefit I would ask that the guns be registered, if they are new purchases.
Pocahontas County prosecuting attorney Gene Simmons, with some of his thoughts on the gun control issue.

For the details of the interview, listen to the audio file.

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