Pocahontas PSD Address Other Pressing Problems With Current Sewer Systems

Snowshoe, WV – At their meeting Tuesday night, the Pocahontas County Public Service District Board discussed other pressing repairs and upgrades to the current sewer systems at Snowshoe. One of those issues is the need for a cover over the Snowshoe Village Equalization tank to limit heat loss.

The PSD board has looked into the option of putting a roof on the tank, but with the necessary structural upgrades, the cost of such a project could be close to $800,000.00. Board Chairman Tom Shipley says there may be another less costly option they could use as a temporary solution. It’s a product call Bird Balls and there similar to McDonalds playland balls.

“I talked with an engineer or two and comparatively it’s inexpensive” says Shipley “but how long would we need them for, because it could cost up to $40,000.00.”

Board member David Litsey points out that the microorganisms in the tank don’t work as well is the outside temperature drops below 42 degrees. He says they’ve got to come with something to get the resort through this winter. However, citing the need for more information about the product, the board decided to table this agenda item.

Sewer Manager Lloyd Coleman says the baffles on the Showshoe sewer lagoon need to be replaced. Coleman says the baffles are 16 years old and nearing the point of failure. He says they’re also essential to keep the lagoon in compliance with the West Virginia Dept of Environmental Protection.

Coleman says the company who originally installed the baffles offers replacements for around $31,000.00. He says he and his staff can put the new baffles in place. The board approved a motion for the purchase of the new baffles.

The board voted to advertising for a wastewater operator. The agenda item also called for advertising for other staff, but Coleman suggested hiring and training an operator first, then reevaluating the need for additional staff. The board agreed to this stipulation.

The board also approved the purchase of three collection system flow metering units at a cost of $3500.00 each. Finally, they approved a payment of $2000.00 to join as associate member of the West Virginia Municipal Quality Association. PSD Chairman Tom Shipley says membership will give access to expertise and support in addressing water and sewer issues.

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