Pocahontas Warrior Football Goes Coed This Fall

Dunmore, Wv – The crowd gathering at Warrior stadium at Pocahontas County HS on August 19th for the annual Meet the Team dinner, may or may not have noticed one new member of the team in particular. But if they looked a little closer, they would have noticed that the player seemed a bit smaller and considerably less hairy than the others. That’s because she’s high school senior Sara Jonese, and for her, playing football is fulfilling a dream.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to play football, but I’ve always been a lot smaller than the other guys” says Sara. “And this year I lifted [weights] with them for basketball, and they just told me I should play, so I decided I should try it, since it’s my last year too that I could actually try it.”

Asked whether she’s worried about playing against bigger guys on other teams, she says she’s had good training for that.

“Not really, no, because I grew up with brothers and they beat on me some, so it’s not too bad” she says laughing.

Warrior football coach Mike Knisely says he’s happy to have her as part of the team.

“She’s got a good set of hands on her and so forth” he says. “I don’t know how much varsity action she’s going to get, she’ll definitely get to play some jv football for us; as I’ve told people before, I don’t mind anyone, boy or girl, whoever it is to play, as long as they’re willing to work and realize they’re not going to get treated any different. She does everything they do from conditioning to hitting to fundamental learning of the game. She just keeps a smile on her face all the time and we’re happy to have her.”

PCHS Principal Tom Sanders is also impressed with Sara’s drive.

“I think it’s great” he says, “she is taking on that role being the first one there and she is a tough girl to hang in there like that.”

Most importantly, Sara has the love and support of her parents, Jan and Mark Jonese.

“Actually I think it’s great, it’s something she’s wanted to do since she was in middle school” says Jan Jonese. “She was kinda small, so we never would let her before; she’ll probably shoot me for saying that! The boys were very supportive of her playing and really kind of talked her into it, so she’s really enjoying it.”

“I always thought one of my sons would play for Pocahontas County, I never really thought one of my daughters would play, but yes I’m happy that she’s playing and doing what she wants to do.”

The first game of the season for the Warriors is a home game on August 26th.

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