Regional Sewer Plant Is Not The Only Large Expense For The Pocahontas PSD

Snowshoe, WV – With estimates in the millions being bandied about concerning the proposed regional sewer plant, it may be easy to forget that there is an ever growing list of repairs or replacements needed in other facilities under the control of the Pocahontas County Public Service District.

One item of pressing need concerns the Durbin water plant. At the PSDs’ August 31st meeting Plant manager Ricky Barkley told the board about a sanitary survey recently conducted by the Pocahontas County Health Dept. The survey identified two major deficiencies – the severe water loss in the Durbin-Frank-Bartow water lines and security fencing around the water tanks at the plant.

A project to repair or replace the defective water lines is already in process. As for the fence, PSD Chairman Mark Smith says the estimated $15,000.00 cost is the primary reason why the fence had not been replaced before now. However, he says there may be additional funding available through the Durbin water project to pay for the fence.

“The thing that was discussed probably a year, year and a half ago was the fact that there was contingency funding built into the water project” says Smith. “Well that’s discretionary money that can be used. The last water project purchased a backhoe for the district.”

Engineering consultant Jonathan Carpenter says the West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council would probably be willing to approve this use of their funding. The board passed a motion to send a letter to the IJDC and the Pocahontas County Commission requesting assistance in applying for additional grant money for the fence project.

Sewer Manager Lloyd Coleman gave the board three estimates to replace a flow control device on the Snowshoe Village equalization tank. The device is needed to control the discharge flow from the tank. He was asked if this device would stop the discharge violations at the plant. Coleman says it’s not that straightforward.

“Everything I bring to the board, I get asked that question and you know it’s not that simple” he says. “It’s an improvement to the system and [if]you improve the system you should see results. I can’t say you put this in and we’re going to eliminate this violation.”

The three bids range in price from $18,000 to over $47,000. The board approved the low bid from Clear Flow by Americast.

Coleman also discussed the site drainage around the Village equalization tank. He explains why the drainage site now needs repair.

“Originally there was a perforated culvert laid around three sides of the tank and for whatever reason it’s not working” says Coleman. “We have water standing behind the tank. Thrasher [Engineering] sent somebody to look at it and they were very concerned.”

“What we want to do is replace the perforated culvert and instead of backfilling with soil, we want to back fill with stone.”

He estimates the project could cost up to $80,000. The board approved a motion to put the project out for bid with two options – one for labor and materials and the other for materials only.

Several items on the agenda were tabled until the next meeting due to a lack of information or items that require legal consultation.

The transfer of the Black Bear Crossing sewage collection system to the PSD
Purchase of a new jon boat for use at the village plant
Rental space for the PSD sewer office
A certificate of need to put a roof on the village equalization tank
And a certificate of need for the Hawthorne Valley sewage collection system.

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Heather Niday

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