Reiki instruction available in Bath

A popular topic of conversation these days is often how exercise, eating well, and even meditation, yoga, lead to health and happiness. But an unfamiliar, very old Japanese word offers another way to achieve balance so many strive for. Mary Goslen, a long-time teacher and friend of Anne Bryan visited Bath in September, and spoke with Allegheny Mountain Radio.

Could you tell us what Reiki means, and how we can use it to improve our well-being?

Sure. I say Reiki is the Science of Consciousness and the Art of Subtle Energy Dynamics. We teach people how to get in touch with the energy that is all around us and that we don’t have access to consciously. And Rei means light. It means consciousness. It means breath of life. It means energy. And Ki means energy, breath of life. So what we teach you is how to get in touch with the energy consciousl, and use it to redirect it back into your body, so that you can use it for health and happiness joy and well being. It has very healing effects if you have things that are out of balance.

So can I use it to get rid of anxiety about the future, or frustration on the job?

“You don’t get rid of any thing, you just change the vibration or change the energy of it. For example if you take a piece of paper and you burn it, you change its form. You didn’t get rid of it; it’s no longer in the same form, “ said Mary Goslen.

It seems such an esoteric approach would be complicated but Mary Goslen knows otherwise.

“Reiki is so easy to use. It’s just a matter of we teach you a series of hand placements. Anybody can do it. Small children can do it.   And we give one to one instruction to each person that turns the energy on automatically when they touch. And then they learn the twelve hand placements. And that’s all they have to do is touch. They don’t have to say “Reiki turn on, Reiki turn on, Reiki Turn on.” It’s just automatic; it’s like breath. You breathe automatically. You don’t have to say ‘Keep breathing, Keep breathing.’ So it’s very similar to the breath. It’s just that the energy is coming through your hands rather than through your nostrils and your chest.”

Mary Goslen learned about the healing aspects of Reiki from personal experience. Years ago she had a large growth beneath her jaw.   She saw many doctors to get it treated, but none of them were successful.

“And I opened my mind to any non-conventional thing that might come my way, and Reiki is what come my way. And I took the training, and I did the process that the teacher told me, and she said I had to do ten minutes a position or it wouldn’t work. So I fretted and fumed the whole time, two hours every morning. Three weeks later the growth on my neck was gone. It’s never been back, and that’s been thirty-six years ago.

Anne Bryan, a Bath County resident, is ready to share this practice with all who are ready to learn.

“I began studying Reiki thirty-three years ago in Winston Salem when I met Mary Goslen. She has come to Bath County on three occasions. The last two she has worked with me on teacher training. So I am available now as a resident Reiki teacher for the area. We co-taught our first workshop together this past weekend successfully.”

While Reiki may have originated way back in the history of Japan, there are only four teachers between our local one, and the one who developed the specific routines of Usui Reiki. Again Anne Bryan,

“The lineage goes from Usui, Hiyashi, Takata, Fran Brown, Mary Goslen and me, Anne Bryan. So it’s a direct lineage that has been proven that it works.”

Anne Bryan will be offering a pair of informational meetings about Reiki at the Bath Branch of the Library in November. These are free and open to the public. More specifics will be available through the library, and Allegheny Mountain Radio.

Audio on teaching lineage here:

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