Road Tips To Make Your Summertime Driving A Breeze

Pittsburgh, PA – Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional kickoff to summer vacation travel plans. AAA East Central reminds travelers of some tips to remember before you head out for that road trip.

Inspect all five tires on your vehicle. AAA finds that one of the most overlooked items when preparing for a trip is the spare tire. Inspecting your tires doesn’t take very long or require a lot of specialized tools- a quarter and a tire pressure gauge will do just fine.

Begin with a pressure check, when the tires are at ambient temperature, and the car has not been driven recently. Use the tire pressure gauge to make sure all five tires are properly inflated to pressures recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Please note, this may not be the maximum pressure molded into the sidewall of the tire. Properly inflated tires can also save you money, perhaps as much as 12 cents per gallon.

After checking the pressure, check the tread depth and overall condition of the tires. To do this, insert a quarter into the tread groove with Washingtons’ head upside down and facing outward. The tread should cover part of Washingtons’ head. If any area above his head is showing, you may want to go tire shopping before you head out for a long road trip. Also look for signs on uneven wear or bulges in the tire.

Second, clean and check your car battery. Check the battery cables, and ensure they are securely attached to the terminals.

Third, replace windshield wiper blades and refill your washer fluid. Rain, insects, grime and other debris on your windshield may compromise the drivers vision and safety, if the wipers are not working properly. Be sure to fill the washer reservoir, and test the washer spray nozzles for proper aim and operation before leaving for your trip.

Check the wiper blades at every oil change or whenever they fail to wipe the glass clean in a single swipe. The life of a rubber insert is typically six to 12 months depending on its exposure to heat, dirt, sunlight, acid rain and ozone. Streaking and chattering are common clues that the rubber is breaking down and replacement is needed.

AAA East Central says taking these three simple steps could mean one less worry as you head out on the road this summer.

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