September 2019 Bath Board of Supervisors Meeting

9-12-19 Bath BOS Meeting

The Bath County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, September 10th at 6:00 at the courthouse in Warm Springs.

During the public comment, both Marty Plecker and Dennis Alexander spoke about noise ordinances for the county with complaints. Harold King asked the board for more single steam recycling capacities since they tend to fill up too fast. The last public comment was from Tammy Hahn, thanking the board for their contribution for the Pig Out event, held by the Chamber of Commerce. 

County Administrator, Ashton Harrison, asked the board’s permission to strengthen the noise ordinance for the county. He said it would take some time to finalize and figure it out. Saying they would be proposing something that’s county-wide, that’s neutral, and has clear standards. This passed 5-0.

In last month’s meeting, there was a letter shared from Floyd County’s Board of Supervisors regarding the 7 cent per gallon gas tax to fund needed improvements for Interstate 81, and although the board agreed that the interstate needed improvements and repairs, the Bath Board of Supervisors agreed with Floyd county and others, by strongly opposing the additional gas tax for I-81 improvements for contiguous counties unless collections from those counties can be used toward primary and/or secondary improvements in the respective counties.

 This came up again in this month’s meeting with Stuart Hall saying, 

“This tax has been going on for 20 years, and there’s nothing in it for Bath County in those 20 years but taxes on gas.”

Bart Perdue said, 

“And our gas is 20 cents higher here anyway.”

Richard Byrd commented and Stuart Hall followed with,

 “What I’m hearing Mr. Hall is you’re reiterating that what we did was right.” 

“Well it was right and we’d like to see some changes made.”

Board member, Eddie Hicklin said,

“We all use 81, everybody here uses 81. Goods that come to the Homestead use 81, everything supplied to the county is coming down from 81 so I’m not saying I wouldn’t agree with it later on but I don’t think we should’ve hastily done that last month.”

Richard Byrd said that he thought the state senator, delegate, or congressman had an obligation to let the Board know that a 20 cent gas tax was coming, and Mr. Hall made a motion under correspondence to resend the original letter to the same public officials including the governor. It was voted 4-1. 

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be on Tuesday, October 8th in the courthouse in Warm Springs. All are welcome to attend.

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