Seth Doss makes Marshall travel team

Dunmore, W.Va. –

Former Pocahontas Warrior football star Seth Doss is now a red-shirt freshman playing for the Thundering Herd at Marshall. I talked to Seth’s father, Pocahontas assistant coach Mike Doss, about Seth’s progress in Division I football.

Hamill: “Mike, how’s Seth doing over at Marshall?”

Doss: “So far, he’s really doing very well down there. He’s enjoying it a lot more. Getting some more reps and made the traveling team for the WVU game. He’s really having a good time.”

Hamill: “What does that mean that he made the traveling team? Is he going to get any playing time, do you think?”

Doss: “Only if the score is more than 69-34, because he didn’t get in up there. Traveling team – it means a lot. There’s only about 70 players that get to travel to the game and otherwise, the rest of them set there. So, it means a lot.”
Hamill: “What position is he playing for Marshall?”

Doss: “He plays a defensive end – it’s a rush-in on pass defense.”

Hamill: “You think he’s going to be working himself into a starting position?”

Doss: “I’d love to see that, but he’s just a freshman. I mean, redshirt freshman this year. He’s got a long ways to go. A lot of work in front of him.”

Hamill: “What’s he telling you about the team. How does he like playing for them and what’s he think of the coach?”

Doss: “He really enjoys Doc Holliday. We know Doc Holliday off the football field also and Seth gets treated really well. He has a real good time down there. Loves the weight room. Loves the strength conditioning coach. Really has a good time with the program that he’s in.”

Hamill: “Well, be sure to tell him we’re all thinking about him and miss watching him play here for Pocahontas. Have you been to the games over to Marshall to see him play?”

Doss: “No, unfortunately WVU-Marshall played at the same time we were playing Parkersburg Catholic. So, this Saturday, I get to go watch him play Western Carolina.”

Hamill: “Okay, thanks a lot, coach.”

Doss: “Thank you.”

Seth’s little – or should I say – younger – brother Kyler is a standout senior running back and free safety on the Pocahontas squad.

Hamill: “How do you feel about your brother playing over there for Marshall?”

Kyler Doss: “It’s exciting. Maybe I can follow in his footsteps. I don’t know what my plans are but, for him, everybody’s excited for him.”

Hamill: “Is green your favorite color?”

Kyler Doss: “No, gold and blue.”

The Warriors travel to Franklin this evening to challenge Potomac Valley Conference rivals Pendleton County Wildcats. The Cats won their first game against Tygarts Valley, 20-0 and lost a close one at Petersburg, 22-20. Tune in to the game on 88.5 FM, 91.9 FM and streaming at The Bruce Bosley pre-game show starts at 7:15.

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