#104 – Baby Mum Mum

#104 – Baby Mum Mum

This is Recipe Roundup episode 104. As you may have picked up from previous episodes, I try my best to avoid wheat and gluten-containing foods – when I don’t, as much as I may enjoy the pancakes or the croissant in the moment, I’ll eventually pay the price with my systemic health. That’s why it’s so encouraging to find new gluten-free snacks and alternatives, especially when they are healthy in other ways, 


Recently, my younger brother, who also has dietary restrictions, introduced me to Baby Mum Mum. Perhaps it is obvious from the name, but Baby Mum Mums are a baby and toddler teething snack biscuit. They are also very funny to talk about because of the name.  Unlike many other rusk snacks, these are made of rice and tapioca flour. They are light and crips, somewhat similar to the texture of rice cakes, and are shaped like little surfboards. The variety I get are banana flavored and are very light in every sense of the word. 


As soon as Finn and I got them, we experimented with a variety of toppings. Perhaps this is basic, but finding any alternative to a cracker or basic cookie that is gluten free, but also contains very little sugar of it’s own is such a rarity, we really went wild. Cream Cheese, Jam, and the mixture of the two were the first things we tried. Delicious! 


But I think the best thing – though perhaps not the healthiest – Is accentuating the banana flavor with nut butter and chocolate. The assembly is basic enough – spread a thin layer of your favorite nut butter over the mum mum and then place chocolate chips or pieces of your choice over top. It’s astounding how strong the banana flavor is, and the teething biscuit is a great little conveyor of the tasty peanut butter and chocolate. 


In the future, I hope to try out fully covering the biscuit in chocolate or making a Milano type cookie with them. What kind of basic snacks do you like to make with simple crackers or cookies?


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