#105 – Sautéed Cabbage

#105 – Sautéed Cabbage

This is recipe roundup, episode 105. 


Of all leafy vegetables, perhaps my favorite is cabbage. I think it’s one of the more versatile foods to prepare and as a plus, it stays good I’m it’s whole form for some time in the fridge if you aren’t ae to immediately get to it. I like sauerkraut, slaw, and using cabbage in soups for extra texture, but Recently, I was reminded of one my favorite ways of eating this cruciferous vegetable by Jake : Sautéed.


Sautéing cabbage is probably the quickest and easiest way to get it cooked, and it can be made in any size bath you prefer. You also have a lot of control over exactly how cooked the cabbage gets, so compared to using in soups, there’s no reason to worried about the leaves becoming water logged or mushy. 


When Jake was talking about se excellent sautéed cabbage that his friend had made, he mentioned an ingredient that is perpetually beside my stove – sesame oil. If you like Asian inspired cusine and flavors, I highly recommend cooking with sesame oil. As specialty products go, a little goes a long way with sesame oil and you only need a few dashes on the finished product to impart a lovely toasty and nutty flavor that adds extra depth to the dish.


Like most of my recipes, everything in here is optional! Of course, I think cabbage is best with some sort of salted or cured meat mixed into it. I used Bacon, but you could also you small cubes of corned beef, ham, or pancetta. 


You’ll need


Butter – I love using fancy Kerrygold for this

Your cured meat of choice if desired

Salt, black pepper, and garlic to taste

Sesame oil if desired. 


  1. Chop your cabbage into manageable bit size pieces. 
  2. If you are cooking down bacon or pancetta, start by doing so in a large pot. When it is fully rendered, add your cabbage to the pot with any butter you may need. 
  3. If not using meat or using cured meat that is already cooked. Place a liberal amount of butter in a pot and heat up until melted before adding the cabbage and meat. 
  4. Cook on medium heat until the cabbage leaves are translucent and glassy, making certain to stir consistently. 


  1. Season with salt pepper and garlic, and test the flavor and texture often. 
  2. When the cabbage is just shy of the texture you want it, remove from heat and dash with sesame oil 

Enjoy as a snack or side dish and notice how sweet the cabbage is when cooked like this!


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