#108 – Oh’s Cereal

#108 – Oh’s Cereal

This is Recipe Roundup, episode 108. Today, I will be talking about a cereal that is if not my favorite, definitely one of the highest ranking in my opinion, and that is Oh’s cereal.


I’m not sure exactly why, but this cereal is somewhat elusive. I can generally find it at IGAs and sometimes gas stations in the area, but it’s never a product I can take for granted. Though it is currently produced by Post, it was originally a Quaker Oats product. Apparently, there were once multiple flavors of the brand, but eventually it just settled on being “Honey Graham.” 


I enjoyed this cereal as a kid because it sort of gave off the mythos that it wasn’t junk food when it really was. Much sweeter than Honey Nut Cheerios, Oh’s are circular loops that are stuffed with tiny granola and of course everything is covered in that lovely sweetening layer of honey. However, back then, at least as I recall, the texture of the O’s was similar to the Healthy grit of cheerios. But man, things have changed. 


Though I don’t know for certain, I suspect this shift must have accompanied Post’s acquisition of the brand in 2014. Now the closest flavor profile I can compare it to is a mix between Original Cap’n Crunch and Honeycomb Crunch. It’s SO crunchy and unbelievably sugary and delicious. I’m a big fan. 


The last time I ate it, I decided to just go a step forward and make it into a dessert. All I did was make cereal, except I used ice cream and whipped cream instead of milk and added fresh berries on top. It’s absolutely killer and very lovely – like a crunchy and cream straberry shorcake that takes no time at all.


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