#115 – Creamy Spinach Sauce

#115 – Creamy Spinach Sauce

Spring is a great time to experiment with more and more vegetables. While I think it’s great to fall in love with the actual flavor of the vegetables themselves, depending on the pallets of those you are serving, it might be more important in the short term to sneak them in. 


Recently I made a very simple and delicious spinach cream sauce. I ate it mixed into Spaghetti squash and chicken, but it could be eaten with any type of pasta, meat, or vegetable dish. 


I used cream cheese and a bit of heavy cream, but the same recipe could be made with any type of milk. Calcium in the milk helps to bind the free oxalate in Spinach, making it an even better source of nutrients. If you’ve ever suffered from kidney stones, you might know that calcium oxalate stones are the most common offender – it’s thought that cooking spinach with dairy can help to prevent the formation of stones from the oxalate in the tasty green. 


You’ll need plenty of spinach

3 tablespoons of cream cheese

3 tablespoons of heavy cream

1 tablespoon fresh garlic

Salt and Pepper to taste


The sauce is very simple to create – In a sauce pot, lightly sautee the spinach on low medium heat. Add in the cream and cream cheese and spices as well. When the spinach is completely cooked down, remove the mixture from heat. If you have an emulsion blender, that will be the best. If not, carefully transfer the mixture to a blender once they have cooled significantly. 


Blend until the sauce is completely smooth and then use to your hearts delight!


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