#118 – Jar Salad

#118 – Jar Salad

This is recipe roundup, episode 118. This past week, I saw an excellent way to bring salads on the go without them getting all slimy! 


Recent research has shown the impact that the use of plastics have had on our environment and even the potential effects it could have on our bodies. While there has been a big push for BPA free plastic production, it’s common to want to limit your exposure to it altogether. Like so many things, we only need to look at the past to find a workable solution – Mason Jars! 


Mason Jars are not nearly as expensive or hard to find as glass Tupperware, and they are definitely more versatile. Even if you don’t go out of your way to purchase a box of jars, most of us have the random glass jar saved in our kitchens from pasta sauce or pickles. Whatever you have, it can serve as a reusable container to bring your lunch in. 


The problem with bring salad to work is often figuring out what to do with the dressing. If you pour it on beforehand, the salad becomes slimy and wet – but sometimes you just don’t have a small enough container for the right amount. This technique keeps your salad crisp without the need for a dressing container. 


Essentially, you stack your salad, starting at the bottom with your dressing. Follow that with your protein – whether you are using chickpeas or chicken, the protein will only become tastier in the dressing and it will act as a barrier for the veggies you place above.


Place grains like quinoa or bulgur wheat on top of the protein if you are using any. Follow that will all of your chopped topping veggies, starting with the wettest and moving to the driest. Finally top the whole thing off with your lettuce of choice! When you are ready to eat, you can just upturn the jar into a bowl and you’ll get a perfectly fresh salad just for you! I think this works especially well with salads that have a lot going on like a taco salad or a Greek salad – but as always don’t let anything get in the way of your creativity in the kitchen.


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