#120 – Kid-Friendly Egg Salad

#120 – Kid-Friendly Egg Salad

This is Recipe Roundup, episode 120. I recently accepted a position at WTJU in Charlottesville, Virginia and unfortunately will be leaving Allegheny Mountain Radio at the end of July, so this will be the last episode of Recipe Roundup I’ll be producing for the foreseeable future. I’ve loved sharing and trying out new recipes with listeners. 


If you’ve listened to the segment, you know that I’m not always the most exact cook and I really believe in customization. If you are out there wanting to learn how to cook, it’s not about following recipes to a T or making sure your measurements are exact. It’s about developing a relationship with ingredients that inspires tasty creativity. Don’t be afraid to mess up and know that even when you do, there’s often something you can save it with. 


This weeks recipe is one of the first I ever learned as a small child and it’s fun for cooks of all ages and experience levels – Making Egg Salad in a ziploc bag! 


The hardest part of this recipe is getting your hard-boiled eggs, and for that, adult supervision is recommended. As I’ve said before, I use an egg steamer because I make boiled eggs every single week and it’s very convenient. We live in such a time that Peeled hard boiled eggs are available at grocery stores, so if cooking or peeling evade you, there’s always that option. 


Once your eggs are cooled and peeled, place three of them into a sandwich bag. It must be one that zips or presses close, not the kind that folds over itself. Then add your fixings! 


I recommend 1-2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, a squirt or two of mustard, a tablespoon of relish – sweet or dill, and some black pepper. 


You can of course get super fancy with this – adding garlic or other spices, as well as fresh herbs will bring it to the next level. Hot sauces can also be a great addition, or you could even add some finely diced onion and bell pepper to really bulk it up. This is YOUR egg salad, so feel free to customize it to your heart delight. 


Once all of the ingredients are in the bag, pressout as much excess air as possible and get to mixing. Gently squeeze the bag until the eggs are broken and all of the ingredients are evenly mixed. When you are ready, press the egg salad into a corner of the bag. Use you thumb and forefinger to press the salad out of the very tip before cutting the corner of the bag off with scissors. Then you have a makeshift pastry bag of egg salad that you can pipe wherever you like! On a salad, onto toast, maybe just directly into your mouth! 


Afterwards, you can just throw away the bag, which makes this a pretty great option for kids or picnics. You can find this recipe and all of my recipes online at Allegheny Mountain Radio . ORG. Signing Off For Recipe Roundup, this is Sage Tanguay.


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