#13 – Tale of Two Cheeses

#13 – Tale of Two Cheeses

Cheese is great. I love cheese – though, as someone who once worked as an early morning cheesemonger, there is definitely such thing as too much cheese (try tasting 40 of them before 6AM!). Today, we’ll talk about two mild, but certainly strange, cheeses. 


One cheese I never get tired of is Halloumi. This cheese, which originates in Cyprus, is white and layered like mozzarella. However, it is much firmer and has a much higher melting temperature so it is perfect for frying and grilling. When pan-fried, pieces of halloumi resemble self-contained grilled cheese sandwiches or mozzarella sticks. Excellent on it’s own, in a stir fry, or with some tomato soup!


Another very interesting cheese is Gjetost, or Brunost (and many, many more names) If you’re ever looking for a snack and can’t decide between cheese, fudge, and caramel – this is the cheese for you. Technically a “cheese-related product”, this “whey-cheese” is made from the caramelization of the whey proteins leftover from the cheese-making process. The result is a fudgie block of heaven that epitomizes the idea of “sweet and salty.” Great on pretzels, toast, or Granny Smith Apples!


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