#32 – Boxed Brownie Tips

#32 – Boxed Brownie Tips

We have officially entered the holiday season. Around this time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of get-togethers and potlucks going on. While there’s nothing that beats a recipe made from scratch, here’s some tricks that will turn a value box of brownies into the tastiest of bakes!


  1. Value Box of Brownie Mix: Now, I mean it – the cheapest box. There are so many different box mixes to choose from. While I absolutely encourage taste testing to find which is the best box for you, allow me to share my findings: I have had the best luck with generic and store brand brownie mixes. On texture and flavor, I felt the value box beats out even the most fancy gourmet box mix. Opt for a classic mix, that way you can personalize your mix-ins. Why is this better? My theory is that cheaper mixes likely utilize more artificial flavor – I’m typically a big fan of what we can do naturally, but when it comes to junk food, some artificial flavors are key!
  2. Brown the Butter : Instead of using vegetable oil, opt for butter! Before mixing it in, give it a nice browning. This will give your brownies a caramel-like depth beyond the sticky sweetness. Melt butter in a small saucepan over medium, then low, heat. Stir butter for roughly 10 minutes, or until it has turned a nice golden brown and possesses a pleasant caramel flavor. Combine with the mix according to directions.
  3. Choose your own mix-ins : This gives you control over the quality of your mix-ins. If there is a moment for splurging in this recipe, it’s this part. Nice nuts, chocolate, or dried fruit can really take your brownies to the next level.
  4. Serve with fresh berries and/or Whipped Cream : truly the “cherry on top” of a fairly low-hassle recipe.  All you need is an electric mixer, whipping cream, vanilla, and sugar to taste. Whip up until stiff peaks form.


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