#37 – Bacon and Herb Weave

#37 – Bacon and Herb Weave

Today’s recipe roundup is actually just a little tip that you can play around with. I love bacon and I love fresh herbs. If you are in a rush and don’t have enough time to truly marinate a large piece of meat, like a roast or even a full chicken, try covering it with bacon! While you can easily make a full bacon weave to cover something, I like to mix it up with some fresh herbs. Basically, before you are about to cook your meat, lay strips of bacon side by side until the entire piece of meat is covered. Weaving perpendicular to the bacon, thread the pieces of herb through the bacon. And you’re ready to go! You if cooking in an oven, you may be able to forgo a cover. If you would like your bacon nice and crispy, take your roast out when it still has about 30 minutes to go and throw it under the broiler for several minutes. Enjoy!


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