#43 – Pepper Jelly Melt

#43 – Pepper Jelly Melt

This is Recipe Roundup, episode number 43. I hope you enjoyed the Great and Lazy Alfredo recipe from last week because I’m bringing some more cheesy comfort food today! 


Grilled Cheese is a fascinating food. It can be extremely basic and still delicious…and with just a little bit added can become a gourmet extravaganza. When I make grilled cheese these days, I like to make it count. For me that means stuffing as many different types of cheese as possible inside, using quality bread, and often having a bowl of tomato basil soup to eat it with. 

This recipe is very similar to a Monte Cristo, but I will be forgoing the egg dip and fry. There are certainly more shortcuts one can take, so if you have your tried and true method for grilled sandwiches, by all means try it out. 

One last note. If you were not already aware, there is a huge ongoing debate about whether it is better to coat your pieces of bread with butter or with mayonnaise to fry them. There are merits to both – butter has a lovely, natural dairy flavor and crisps up nicely – the egg in the mayonnaise creates a quick egg-drip effect and is preferred by some. I opt for using nice butter, but this one will be up to you. 



2 slices of bread – I prefer a whole grain or sturdy sourdough 

Butter or mayonnaise for frying

Cream Cheese or soft goat cheese

Pepper Jelly

Two or more of the following sliced cheeses: Smoked or Regular Cheddar, Provolone, Gouda, Swiss, and Fresh Mozzarella (I personally used Smoked Cheddar and Fresh Mozzarella)

A few slices of onion

Several slices of preferred lunch meat (I used ham and turkey) 



  1. Start by slightly toasting both slices of bread – just enough to make spreading onto it easier. At the same time, heat a skillet over medium heat
  2.  On one side of the slightly toasted bread,  spread cream cheese or goat cheese, on the other the butter or mayonnaise for frying. Place into the skillet, frying side down. 
  3. On the cream cheese side, add a layer of Pepper Jelly and begin to build your cheeses on top making each side equal in the amount of cheese you place on it. Place the onion slices on top.
  4. Cover the skillet and allow some of the cheese to come together. After about a minute or so, transfer the halves of the sandwich (still separate) to a toaster over or oven on broil to continue the melt without browning the underside of the bread too much. 
  5. Keeping an eye on the broiler, use the hot skillet to brown your lunch meat – it should take less than half a minute on each side. 
  6. Remove the sandwich halves from the oven, add the meat, and finally close the sandwich. I like to give it a few more flips in the skillet to make sure everything is coming together. When you are satisfied with the browning of the bread, allow the sandwich to sit for about 2-3 minutes before enjoying!


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