#70 – Two Breakfast Options – Sage Tanguay and Doug Bernier

#70 – Two Breakfast Options – Sage Tanguay and Doug Bernier

Sage Tanguay: This is Recipe Roundup, episode 70. Today, we have two breakfast recipes for your consideration. 

First,  I’ll be sharing my own unusual combination. I actually had temporarily forgotten about this recipe until recently, but in high school, I ate this many mornings. This is my morning waffle sandwich – it is supremely filling and a great way to start the day. 

The ingredients are as follows

2 frozen waffles – I typically would use the Eggo whole wheat blueberry ones! 

1 banana – perfectly ripe

2 – 3 sausage patties – at the time I was vegetarian so I used the Morningstar Maple flavored breakfast patties, but meat definitely works! 

That’s it! Super simple and in my opinion it’s absolutely delicious! 

The classic preparation takes less than five minutes – as was necessary when I was rushing to catch my early morning ride. Pop the waffles in the toaster, and the frozen sausage patties in the microwave. Once they are toasted, mash the banana on both waffles. Break up and arrange the sausage in an even on one side and sandwich them together. Enjoy! 

Secondly, we have a green smoothie recipe from listener and DJ Doug Bernier.

Doug Bernier: Well, with everything coming on in the garden these days I’ve been making green smoothies. Well, I’ve been listening to Sage’s Recipe Roundup and hearing, uh,  stories about mayonnaise and grape jelly sandwiches… and spaghetti-o’s…and uh…graham crackers with Velveeta. And that’s all well and good if that’s what you like, but I wanted to throw in something on the other end of the spectrum.

And I start with some sweet Apple Cider that I had frozen from 2019 and I put some:


Mustard Greens


New Zealand Spinach

(To sweeten it up a little bit) An apple

A banana



and whatever I happen to have handy.

Put it all in a blender and let it blend!

I’ve discovered that these mustard greens that I’m putting in really add a spicy kick and if I’m not careful – If I use too much of them, it really is a little bit spicy so I’ve learned to moderate the amount I put in.   Everyday when I make one of these it tastes a little different depending on the mix of greens that go in it. And in the springtime, before I might have stuff in the garden, I like to use just dandelion greens and a banana and some cider. The sweetness of the cider and the ripe banana help to temper the bitterness of the dandelion greens.

Sage Tanguay: Now that’s some seasonal eating! Doug was kind enough to bring in his Green Smoothie one day and I can attest that it is definitely delicious. The key is the sweet apple cider, which allows you to enjoy the many of the greens at once – which typically have a savory flavor.

If you have your own recipe or unusual combination, e-mail sage@amrmail.org


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