#73 – Sweet and Salty

#73 – Sweet and Salty

This is Recipe Roundup, Episode 73. This week we are continuing our unusual food combinations – however today’s collection of recipes are…perhaps less challenging than some of our recent episodes. These are sweet combos to test out if you haven’t already! 

The first one was suggested by my grandmother, and it’s one that I’ve heard of before – Butter and Sugar sandwiches on white bread! Now this combination will not win any health awards but it is delightfully simple, creamy and sweet. Spread both pieces of bread with butter, sprinkle sugar in between, press together and enjoy! 

Our second combination today came from my aunt and my mom. They both insisted they had gone through sleeves of graham crackers simply by spreading butter on them! I recently tried this combination out in preparation for Jake’s Velveeta Grahams and I must say it is delicious! If you like the combination of salty and sweet but you aren’t ready to dive headfirst with the processed cheese – this is the combo to try out. 

And finally, this week’s guest is Abby Dufour, our Bath reporter and host of the Dufour Dujour!


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