#86 – Thanksgiving Tips!

#86 – Thanksgiving Tips!

This is Recipe Roundup, episode 86. 


For many families, cooking is a large part of celebrating holidays. For Thanksgiving…it’s quite literally most of the celebration! Showing gratitude for a bountiful harvest is a long standing tradition that predates American Colonialism, the sport of football, and certainly the Macy’s Day Parade. 


There are of course standards at every family’s thanksgiving dinner : Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, squash or sweet potatoes, green beans. But what I find so interesting is that everyone has a different version of these dishes – or entirely different dishes mixed in! I know some who wouldn’t call it a thanksgiving dinner without mac and cheese – my family has the tradition of an extremely unseasoned mashed potato and beef shepherds pie that tastes AMAZING the next day with ketchup.  Everyone’s doing something different, and everyone likely thinks their way is the best! 


Earlier in my adult life, I was able to experience a handful of “Friendsgivings.” I highly recommend trying this sometime – perhaps not for Thanksgiving proper, but honestly…who doesn’t want Thanksgiving food at any time of the year. Friendsgiving is a great opportunity to try out more experimental recipes – or learn how other people do their classics! 


If you are currently feeling stuck about your cooking for this holiday – maybe this is your first time making the dinner yourself, or maybe you are TIRED of the same old dishes  – it’s always delve into a little bit of food science! In 2019, Bon Appetit undertook a large set of Thanksgiving food trials and documented all of it on Youtube. Throughout the series, they test out different methods of brining a turkey, mashing potatoes, baking pie, and much much more. 


Another great resource for big holiday meals is the Great American Test Kitchen, as well as Milk Street Radio. They offer so many tips and tricks that would take FOREVER to figure out on your own. 


Hey – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if you are struggling under the pressure or unsure about how to get exactly the type of turkey you want, I highly recommend checking out the people who have time, energy, experience, and funding to simply study the art of recipe creation!


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