#9 – Seated Leg Stretches

#9 – Seated Leg Stretches


Warm up with a Yawning Breath.

Discover your SITZ bones – they are the knobby bones that you may be able to feel through the flesh of your buttock. While seated on a chair, press your hands into your thighs to lengthen through your spine. You should be able to feel your SITZ bones grounding into your seat.

Maintaining your lengthened spine, raise one leg at a time, simply extending your leg to straightness, lifting your calf. While the leg is extending, inhale and flex the foot (pulling toes towards noes) and exhale, pointing the foot (toes and ankle point away from nose). Alternate sides.

Draw a circle with your toes, as if you were holding a piece of chalk between them. Reverse direction, then repeat on the second side.

Ground your feet into the floor and find the support of your SITZ bones again.

Place your right ankle onto your left knee. As much as you can, lower the right knee towards a position that is parallel to the floor. Inhale and lengthen up through your spine, then exhale and lower the top knee as much as possible and/or lean forward. You should feel a hip opening stretch. Repeat on the opposite side.



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