#18 – Integrating Senses-Based Meditation into a Physical Practice

#18 – Integrating Senses-Based Meditation into a Physical Practice

In this episode, we review the material from our Meditation on the Senses series while actually doing physical movement. Take a moment to relax between each exercise.

A. Seated, become aware of your feet by wiggling your toes while. Pitter-patter your feet against the floor, both alternating and at the same time.  Also take notice of your nose. Is there a lingering aroma in  your nose? With every breath in, take stock of

B. Warm-up your arms, moving them as much as you are able. Articulate your elbows and fingers. Simultaneously, bring your awareness to your mouth – the wet quality of your tongue as well as any tastes you may be perceiving. Continuing to move your arms, allow them to mimic the fluidity of your mouthfeel.

C. Create heat by rubbing your hands together as you gaze with intent at a specific object. Place your hands over the eyes. Can you still see that object against the dark of your eyelids? Remove your hands from you eyes and gaze into your palms as you breathe.

D.  Bring opposite hand to opposite shoulder. Use brushing strokes form shoulder to elbow, noticing the sensation of contact between hand and arm. After several strokes, relax and tune into the feel of the air on your skin. Take a sun breath : Inhale, arms raising up to the sides; at should height, flip the palms to face upwards and continue the circle so that your palms meet high over head. Reverse to lower arms on the exhale.

E. Five-Pointed Star Position – Stand with your feet fairly wide apart, but still comfortable. Reflect that “V” shape of your legs with your arms, reaching diagonally up and out of your shoulders. You should form a sort of star, your arms, legs, and head making up the 5 points.  Focus on increasing the amount of space you take up as you take and release deep breaths.


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