Tails Inn Interview

I’m here with Karen Williams and we’re talking about her new business called Tails Inn. Can you tell me what services you provide?

“Yes, Tails Inn provides overnight boarding as well as daycare for dogs- for the locals as well as the Owners Club and Homestead guests, other Bed and Breakfast guests who want to travel in or out of the county with their dog.”

What made you want to start this?

“I grew up on a farm around lots and lots of animals and we always had dogs and puppies and they’ll always be people who love dogs and have animals will always have animals, and no matter what the economy is like, we’re going to, you know, they’re going to buy supplies, they’re going to have puppies, they’re going to continue to have dogs in their household. So, that started me thinking and then the Owners Club, where I manage, we have 33 homes and typically I would say a good 10 to 11 homes would be occupied with members who want to travel with their dog, but we don’t allow pets on the property, so I started watching dogs for my members and I’ve been doing it now for about 12 years. I was getting a lot more calls, requests from the Homestead guests, requests from locals, so I thought, “Well now’s a good time to start this.”

That’s really cool. And where’s it located? 

“If you go up Three Hills Inn Lane, which will take you up to the beautiful inn at the top of the hill, just to the right of that is a small round building and I was talking to Jarek Mika (who owns the Three Hills and also Warm Springs Inn) and he welcomed the business there, so that’s where it’s located.”

Awesome. I think you opened the 26th?

“I did have a soft opening because I had dogs on the books that I really needed to train my staff and kind of get a feel for as well for them. We actually finished the bedroom suites this past weekend. So this week we’re going to have several dogs in and then by next week, we should be up you know, fully operational, you can call 925-TAIL, you can also always call my cell phone which is 679-0607.”

Alright, so those are the best ways to contact you?

“Those are the best ways and really you can go to the website and there is a link to register your pet as well as make reservations. So my website is thetailsinn.com and you can find out more information there. I’m really excited to meet more people that love dogs.”

Alright, well thanks for being here and doing this interview with me.

“Thank you for inviting me!”


Make sure to give Karen a call at 925-TAIL or check out her website tailsinn.com

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