The 3rd Space Open House in Monterey is Sunday July 16, 2023


The 3rd Space is a new space in Monterey that’s preparing to open.  It will house an art gallery, classrooms for workshops and artist studios.  Celia Rutt is one of the founding Board members of The 3rd Space.

“The old Blanchard Gallery and Studio, that is the building, was on the market and Tate Swecker thought that it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, to not have the presence of the arts on Main Street,” says Rutt.  “And, that it would allow people who were visiting and it would allow residents to enjoy something that we have been lacking for a while, which is a gallery space, and in addition to that have a place where artists can have a studio upstairs or teach classes.”

The 3rd Space is located at 132 West Main Street.  The process for it to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is ongoing and should be completed in a couple of months.

“Talking about how the name came up, the concept of the 3rd space is when a person is looking at art, or looking at architecture, and they start to form a bond or they begin to have an appreciation and they see the work and it’s a transportive kind of event and it creates this 3rd space, so they’re outside of their realm,” says Rutt.  “The art kind of transports them and takes them somewhere else and so that idea that this would be that, that 3rd space, that is not the person, not the art, but it’s something in between.  It’s also the idea that, you work in a place, you live in a place, but you also need a place where you can come together and be community and that’s another idea that it’s important to the concept here.  That people would come together and be able to appreciate art in this space.”

Renovations are underway at The 3rd Space.  An Open House is set for Sunday, July 16, from 2 until 4pm.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to bring art to the community and to Monterey and it will be a focal point for not only people that are visiting, but people that reside here and for artists who live and work here,” says Rutt.

You can get more information on Facebook at The 3rd Space.

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