The Bath School Board looks ahead at improvements for years to come

Hot Springs, Va. –
The Bath School Board is looking ahead at improvements for years to come. The School Board met Monday afternoon to prioritize items for its Capital Improvement Plan. The Capital Improvement Plan, or CIP, stretches out over five years and contains items not included in the schools’ regular budget. The CIP is a wish list, since funding is usually not available for every project requested.

The School Board discussed some doors at Valley Elementary and one door at the high school that need to be replaced. The doors do not open and close properly and the fire marshal has requested that repairs be made. School Superintendent Sue Hirsh said research is ongoing to find the best available price for the door replacements.

In light of the recent school tragedy in Connecticut, items on the CIP related to school safety came to the forefront during Monday’s meeting. The Board discussed the installation of cameras in both elementary schools, a project similar to what’s being done at the high school.

After much discussion, the Board prioritized CIP items for 2013-2014 which include new doors at Valley Elementary and one at the high school, security cameras for both elementary schools, door alarms for all three schools and two new buses.

For 2014-2015 the CIP includes improvements to the high school auditorium, a new vehicle, a new bus and restroom improvements at the high school and at Millboro Elementary.

For three years out, the school CIP includes two new buses, parking lot improvements at the high school and new high school lockers.

For 2016-2017, one new vehicle and one new bus are included.

And five years out, the CIP includes two new buses along with air conditioning for the gyms at the high school and at Valley Elementary.

Superintendent Hirsh said that a few items may possibly be accomplished through Booster Clubs or PTA’s. Some of those items include a new high school football scoreboard and playground improvements at both elementary schools.

The School Board recently held a work session with the Board of Supervisors where a high school generator was discussed as an item to be included in the schools’ CIP. The generator would power a portion of the high school to allow it to be used as an emergency shelter. There was also discussion at that work session about including new gas pumps with card readers for the fuel tanks at the high school. The new gas pumps would be used for both school and county vehicles. The School Board did not include either of those items on its CIP Monday, saying both of those items are a joint effort between the schools and the county.

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