The Monterey Inn Holds Grand Opening


The Monterey Inn held it’s Grand Opening on Saturday, July 8.    It was a community celebration with the ribbon cutting, tours of the Inn, food, music, cornhole games and door prizes.

The Monterey Inn is owned by Paul and Valentina Meehan.  Valentina spoke from the Inn’s front porch to start off the festivities.

“It has been quite an experience so far, from the first day inside this beautiful house with the crazy idea of starting a small hotel, to going through construction, to decorating, to actually being able to welcome guests and we have some guests staying with us today,” says Valentina.  “There’s so many people that helped us along the way.”

Valentina thanked the Highland County Chamber of Commerce for it’s support and she also thanked numerous others who worked on the renovation.  She thanked her husband, Paul, their two children, the community and the Inn’s staff.

“Paul, and our kids,” said Valentina.  “So, you have spent countless days and nights here, you know, pouring pints of blood.  Doing all kinds of work and cleaning up and everything and so, it’s done.  I still have a honey do list, so I’ll tell you about it later.  And of course, to you guys, we have been so blessed and fortunate.  So many of you came out in supporting us.  So many of you came by and said ‘I am so happy somebody is doing this.’  ‘We’re so happy you’re here.’  So, thank you for all of you for coming by when you’re doing your walk or driving by and waving.  So, it just really means the world to us.  I cannot finish this without recognizing our amazing guys, gals and guys.  I feel like we hit a lottery with our staff we have.  I know I’m biased, but we do have the best staff.”

The Monterey Inn is a bed and breakfast in a 1905 Victorian house.   It’s located at 32 West Main Street.   It has five guest rooms, with one being a suite featuring an observatory room at the top of the Inn’s turret.

Fran Davenport of Vanderpool attended the Grand Opening.

“It looks great, can’t wait for it to be open in full swing,” said Davenport.  “We need businesses and this will be, I think, a really nice addition to what we already have here.  I really appreciate them doing it.”

Judy Skeen of Monterey also came out for the festivities.

“I just thought it would be interesting and fun to be there,” said Skeen. “Like all celebrations done in Highland, it was fun and joyous and if you couldn’t love the people in Highland County, I don’t know where you could love people.”

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